March into Firelands

by Flame

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released January 5, 2011


all rights reserved



Flame Finland

Flame was formed in 1998. The band has been active ever since and recorded handful of releases through indie record labels and played furious gigs with many great underground bands.

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Track Name: Black Realm of Satanas
Hear the sound of hell
The ultimate spell
Sacrifice, rape 'n kill
Angels blood is raining now

War cry!
For satanic hordes
Death to all!
Weakest whores
Dominate, rape 'n kill
Your god is vomiting now

Desecrate, blasphemate, born in sin
Sacrifice, dominate, rape 'n kill

Black realm of Satanas
Burn in our hearts
Black realm of Satanas
Burn in our souls
Track Name: Doomed...
Chosen victim
Of my revenge
Ceremonial ways
Hail destruction!
Hateful spells
Cursing your name
Your last days
Your destruction!

Chosen victim of the curse

Rituals done
Waiting what to come
This life you live
Pure madness and sorrow
Endless nightmares
Last days are near
No hope for cure
I'll give what you fear

Raise the Hellfire!

Now in living hell
You hear the laugh beside your coffin...
Track Name: Burning Horror
The legend was born many centuries ago
I was prince of fear that everyone's told
They put me holy grave in the name of god
Now I'm return again for the hunting of blood

Burning horror
Evil rape the lands
Burning horror
Immortal on devil's hands

Reach for your cross but you can't hide
See shadow of mine on your wall this night
Now you're frozen by the eyes of fire
My teeth on your neck I watch you slowly die

See me!
Fear me!
Hear me!

I'm son of night
I'm mark of the dragon
I'm legacy of devil
Blood is the life!

Be my victim or join with me
Taste my unholy blood
Be immortal, be king of night
Taste my unholy blood
Track Name: Fireland
Time for war
Hear battle roar
Our strike is near

Fight and kill
Without remorse
Rule with iron fist

Mystery path
And magical mist
Lead us to gate

Demons legacy
Hidden secrecies
Shall return to fireland

This time we won
Rise of our dawn
Blood of the strongest ones
Our time is now!

Master of knowledge
Give us power
Lucifer's return

To light our way
To see the truth
Oh, glorious one

War after war
Kill after kill
Endless victory

All eternity
We shall feast
For the glory of fireland!

Age of Fire is now!
Track Name: Rites of Endless Hatred
Crush all symbols
That lies christ's altar
Never turn
Weak religion
Never trust
The laws of worms
With open eyes
See unholy sign

Chosen one
Born of hate...
Crush their faith!
I'll swear the oath of dark
Son of the beast

Behold the slaves
Holy light lovers
Scum of this age
Crush their illusion
Sons of antichrist
Sworn to vengeance
Death to holiness
Set this world in flames

Born again
In death's creation
Do what thou wilt
Law of fire age
Follow the sign
Send by gods of death
Darkest path
We march until the end

Born again by this rite
Everyday and every night...

Rites of hatred

"Do what thou wilt"
The only law!
Track Name: Destructive Saint
Born by spawn
Of madness and destruction
Holding the future
In his hands of doom
Fires of termination
For mankind
Pray for me
When your fuckin' time will come!

Destructive saint
Master of pain
Destructive saint
Destroyer of faith

Doom is here
Face your fear
Final call
End of all

Winds of uncreation
Blowing across the land
Final deathly gift
For this planet of shit
Strike of nuclear fires
Shall burn this wasted ground
Pray for me
When your fuckin' time will come!

Doom is here
Face your fear
Final call
End of all
Rape your soul
Destroy your faith
Reborn in hate!
Track Name: Flaming Magic Assault
Riddle of master
Survived from the past
Is this real
Or just the dream?
Demonic path
Ancient art glory
Infernal obsession
Darkest light
Shining bright!

And the fires shall rise...
Ancient fire!

Flaming magic assault

Not just one
Complete in three
Pictures on pages
Sign by who?
Page by page
Book by book
One step closer
But always one behind

Evil obsession
Magical rites
Forbidden knowledge
Hunted forever
In this riddle
Is there the truth?
Can you believe it?
Your faith is gone

Darkest rites for his glory!
Sic luceat lux... forever!

Die for greed
And the morbid dreams
Only one can see
Beyond dreams...
Track Name: Gateway to the Birth of Lunacy
Dead angels sing to me
The ballad of bastard son
Havohej give me the orders
Twisted fires burn my mind

In heaven I will hate
Innocent virgin masturbate
In hell I want it more
The sweet love of holy whore

Fallen souls
Burn in heaven
Blessings of love
In church of hate
Drink demons blood
From holy grail
Immortal gift
Of eternal death

Upside down I stand alone
In rotten womb of succubus
Demons open gates to birth
To gateway of my lunacy...

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