Into the Age of Fire

by Flame

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released April 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Flame Finland

Flame was formed in 1998. The band has been active ever since and recorded handful of releases through indie record labels and played furious gigs with many great underground bands.

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Track Name: Hell's Flame Is Burning... (Intro) / Satan's Flame (Age of Fire Part I)
Hear the demon's cry in your mind
Infernal powers take all control now
Satan's Flame rules the earth
You can feel
On this age of fire our souls
has set free

We are Satan's Flame
We curse the weak
We are Satan's Flame
All enemies we will kill

Forces of light turns
black as night
Man's true nature takes
first place in our lives
It's time to buried
the false fate of lies
Forget the pearly gates,
flames of hell burns brighter

Repeat chorus

(Invocation of darkness...)
"From the south...I hear call
of Satan,
From the east...I hear call
of Lucifer,
From the north...I hear call
of Belial,
From the west...I hear call
of Leviathan!"

Satan's Flame! Burn tonight!
Satan's Flame! Burn eternal!
Track Name: Arts of the Black Wisdom
Ancient myths,
tales of the elder gods
Signs and symbols,
secret arts of the dark
I search the knowledge
that represents my soul
I have seen the vision on the edge
of understand

There's a key to underworld that
shows you the way beyond
Secret arts of the dark are the key
To the arts of the black wisdom

Hidden force of nght that light
can never show
Ancient books of old, what secret's
I will found!
Knowledge of these books are
mystical and dangerous
Demonic legends, hunted and
Feared their always there...

Repeat chorus

Powers beyond times,
tales and magic spells
Secrets open for me,
secrets you can't see...
Track Name: Lust, Flesh, Desire
I love the sins,
this is the pleasure of mine
Hell is what I want,
I deny the laws of light
My soul will travel
to the darkest depths of hell
This is my ritual,
let's start the blasphemy

In the lust, flesh and desire (I live)
Taste the pleasure of hell, and
release the power of evil
In the lust, flesh and desire (I die)
Taste the pleasure of hell, and
release the power of evil

See the naked witch
on the front of the altar
She's ready for my desires
I hear the chiming of the bell
Orgies of black begins
On the altar of flesh between
burning black candles

Let's make sin on the
unholy pentagram
Penetration is that what she's like
Flame is calling,
naked witch's lying
between the burning black candles

Lust, flesh, desire! Trinity in me...
Satanic act of forbidden fruit...
Track Name: Darkness Shall Rise
I ride through fires and flames
Demons of hell with my side
I am messiah,
demoniac master of flame
Bringer of death and armageddon

Welcome to my realm...
Darkness prevails...

Nazarene dies by my sword
Bring his corpse and drink
Now, darkness shall rise
mightier than ever
And I shall be the rules
of my realm

In the name of hell,
darkness shall rise!
In the name of satan,
darkness shall rise!
Track Name: Internal Wrath (Infernal Hate)
Walking darkest ways
Hatred inside
Cannot control myself,
it takes control
All the powers that comes
from my darkness

Don't try to stop me
Hatred makes me strong
It's your time to fall
I hope you feel the pain
It takes you straight to hell

Feel the darkest pain
Pain from hell
You shall suffer for death
Enter realm where evil rule
And you will bleed eternally...

Feel my...
Internal wrath! Infernal hate!
Internal wrath! Infernal hate!
Track Name: Dark Demonic Domain
Powers of evil we call, we summon
the spirits and storms
We cast the spell with hate, hate
by darkness and death
Endless ritual nights, we raise the
chalice of blood
For pentagram with goathead,
symbol of fleshy life

Join the hordes
Darkest force
Power rise
Demonic domain

Taken by hell's own force,
Hellstorms lead our ways, hail
This night victory
For warriors of Satan's horde,
Death and doom will come soon,
Our hordes strike by black force,
Hail this night victory for
warriors of Satan's horde

(Repeat chorus)

Dark demonic domain...
Track Name: Poisoned Kingdom (Age of Fire Part II)
Poisoned blood fall
From the heavens
Blood on my hand
I spit the crucifix
Heavenly father soon
meet his death
Holy kingdom's desecrated
by demonic force

(Chorus I)
Poisoned kingdom, burning flame
Age of fire, set us free
(Chorus II)
All hail to darkness!
All hail to sins!
All praise to satan,
for this heaven last hour...

Poisoned god is meet his death
Sons of Satan start to celebrate
Satan's kingdom rise, our salvation
Two thousand years of slavery
It's our time to reign in hell

(Repeat chorus I)
(Repeat chorus II)

Poisoned kingdom!
Age of fire!
Track Name: Roots of Evil / Eternal Abyss... (Outro)
There is force, so mighty, and dark
Evil force of nature, force from
the ancient past
Come inside this circle,
I show the way
Way of darkness, way of light

Roots of evil...

I create new flame, from the hell
On this earth
I will crush holy slaves
with my roots of evil

Roots of evil!
Roots of power!

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